Business and Personal Development For The Digital Marketing Age

What is digital marketing ?

Digital marketing allows you to use different forms of online distribution to market to a global audience. It is not easy but it is necessary for any business today. If a business is not marketing on the internet, it will be leaving most of its income on the table. In this blog you will find articles which explain many forms of digital marketing and provide you with internet marketing solutions.

In the RESOURCES section of this blog you will find FREE and FOR SALE digital marketing, business development and personal development  tools. These resources will help you with different aspects of internet marketing. If you have any problems with any part of this site or you have any questions, please let me know using the CONTACT tab


Personal Development 

Before you start on digital marketing, there is a lot to learn. You could outsource this work but if you have a new business you probably won't have the resources for that. This blog and the RESOURCES section will guide you through topics like SEO, setting up your web site, social media marketing and email marketing to name but a few. The information provided here is no frills, honest information which 'tells it as it is'.

Recent Articles


"Found myself totally enthralled by the course.  Wanted to see what was coming next. Excellent !" - PA on a management equal opportunities course


"A very interesting and thought provoking 4 days !"CD on a business start course

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